Market Report 11/3/18

Regional Market

Great Northern Farm in Eaton, Madison County, is one of two spots where one was able to procure duck eggs on Saturday.Regional Market

These dryer balls, which act the same way commercial dryer sheets do, are from Claddagh Farm Alpacas in Lafayette, Onondaga County. The farm raises Peruvian Huacaya Alpacas for their wool.Regional Market

Dryer balls are spun from a blend of alpaca wool that is left over from garment production, and sheep wool. The lanolin in sheep wool allows the materials to bind together. The balls act the same way that chemical dryer sheets do. That is, they keep the drying clothes from twisting and tangling. Claddagh Farm claims the balls are effective for roughly 3,000 loads.Regional Market

Teresa Bunce of Heidelberg Breads in Herkimer County works among the wide variety of fresh loaves Saturday morning at the Regional Market in Syracuse. Heidelberg Breads is one of the most popular stops at the market, considered by many the highlight of their shopping excursion.


College Football Picks 11/2-3

Tonight, I like VIRGINIA (-7 and the Under 47) at home vs. the Pittsburgh Panthers. UVa. 31-13. (PITT won 23-13. They are now 5-4 overall, but 4-1 in conference, including two wins over ranked opponents. This warrants attention. I go into today at 1-1…)

On Saturday, I’m going with the following:

WAKE FOREST (getting 6 and the Under 76&1/2) at home against the Syracuse Orange. This is a darling pick; everyone is all over Wake, as the modest line suggests. And it is a classic letdown game for a dome team coming of a huge home win and their first national ranking in 17 years. The Forest wins outright 38-35. (SU took care of business, 41-24.)

PENN STATE (+10 and the Over 53) @ Michigan. The Wolverines have always been a terrible home-favorite play. Ton of points here. It’s a PSU upset 28-27. (No it wasn’t. ‘Rines made this pick look childish, 42-7.)

CLEMSON (-39 and the Over 61) at home against Louisville. The ‘Ville might not score. 63-3. (They did, and so did Clemson, a lot. 77-16.)

BOSTON COLLEGE (-1&1/2 and the Under 57) @ Va. Tech. This is a dangerous play. But both teams offer perfectly valid reasons to go against them. And it wouldn’t be the first time I made a play I knew I’d regret. Eagles 27-23. (BC comes through for me on this one! 31-21.)

Bonus Pick: HOLY CROSS (getting 8&1/2 and the Under 43) @ Lafayette. Too many points in a low-scoring affair. The Cross 22-19. (Too many points in a rout. Crusaders convincing, 40-14.)

7-5 going into Sunday:

MINNESOTA (-4&1/2 and the Under 49) against Detroit. This line moved all the way from the -7 open. Minny has been underwhelming for certain, but not so much to feel that much better about the Lions’ chances and that kind of migration. Vikes win underwhelmingly, 27-20. (Vikes won 24-9)

NEW ORLEANS (getting a point and the Over 59&1/2) against the Los Angeles Rams. A pick ’em until late in the week. Saints coming around now. Time for the Rams to lose one. 34-32. (Saints won 45-35)

BUFFALO (+10 and the Under 37&1/2) vs. the Chicago. Buffalo stinks. And this line moved from 8 to 10.  But I’ll go against the trend and take the 10 points at home. Come on, it’s only the Bears. Bills 19-17. (Bears won 41-9)

NEW ENGLAND  (-5&1/2 and Over 56&1/2) vs. Green Bay. Another impressive migration from 7&1/2. Pats are another team starting to roll after a slow start. The Pack loses a shootout 38-31. (Pats won 31-17)

12-8 for the weekend…

Homeless Chronicles Vol. I

I’ve never heard coughing like that. These two guys, one in the open cot next to me, the other from an unseen corner of the common sleeping room we’re in. referred to as a dorm, are hacking away. Piercing, phlegm-gargling and helpless. Like death’s warm-up band. Why the fuck doesn’t somebody come and get these sorry fuckers the fuck out of here and to a hospital or the curb or who gives a fuck because I’m trying to will the time backward and sleep forever. The first thing that goes for me in homelessness is empathy. About a minute later, just as I’m settling into deep REM, the overhead fluorescent light blinds me through my eyelids into rude consciousness.  The intercom summons the homeless men and women to “rise and shine.” We’re advised of the weather; it’s more than idle conversation for those who are about to be spit out onto the street.

You know how fish, just when they’ve been stocked into a stream or a lake, they just mill about at the drop-off site? That’s what it’s like when the homeless are released into society outside the shelter. At first we don’t go far. This time of year, we’re shadows in the gloom. Smoking, coughing, scheming, coughing, retelling (coughing) the same painted-over stories about deals, scams, and (coughing) I coulda-if-it-weren’t-for… And the fucking legal advice. The speculation. “I knew this guy…”

Until the Rescue Mission Dorn opens again at 5 pm. The


SU’s god-awful sloppy Friday Night-Lights win over Western Michigan reinforces to me is that recruiting deficiencies don’t realize themselves in Late Summer. The big schools are going to land their front-line, reasonably-impressive players. And of course, Alabama will land a legitimate NFL rookie before Syracuse. But in the hot months, the talent is fresh and might land a given Top-75-or-so school a deceptive upset or two and a nifty 6-2 record. But injuries are more likely to happen to the smaller, slower players left to the bottom-tier recruiting institutions. That’s why, despite signs of progress and the attendant optimism, the Orange don’t win at all past Halloween.

Food and Eating

I’ve spoken about my enthusiasm for animals that are raised with all intention for how they’re going to taste. The famous Spanish pigs, for example.
I have, on occasion, been focused (and lucky) enough to dream up a fish recipe and then gone out to catch what I need for it. Kind of like what Yann does in his mushroom forays.
So the other day, I thought about using one of my DMP’s to kill a deer of a specific size to fit a slow roaster. Like you would do a pig roast. And then it occurred to be that it would be a disaster. Slow-roasted venison, because it has no fat, would be a catastrophe, right?
And here’s why you should consider my emotional damage: A long tima ago I was offered the opportunity to sample beaver. But the guy who was preparing it was a hack. He slow-roasted/overcooked it to the point that I had a minimal sense of how nice it could have been, but ultimately had to spit it out…


I stumbled upon an ad for a Lawrence Taylor signed throwback jersey. $200. Eh, pass.
But it raised a question in my marginally-engaged mind: I think that any consideration of “greatest player ever” must necessarily preclude offensive position.
Jerry Rice, for example, has been called greatest ever. Not even close, in my view. And not even because he wasn’t the equal of Moss or Carter. Rice was only above average if not for Montana.
Running backs and linebackers are the only ones in a serious discussion of greatest ever.
So, I would call on Jim Brown as the mindless, knee-jerk pick. But, really, I think a valid case could be made for LT.
We all know that professional athletes are, for the most part, extremely poor judges of talent. Too much emotion/kinship. So I was always skeptical, to put it gently, when Hammer would say, in monotone, “Larry” whenever I brought up the betting line on a Giants game. But in fact, for almost his entire career, except when he played quarterback as a scab in Buffalo that one time (and yes, I shot that), LT was the difference in the game he played in. And there’s also that story about him eating glass in college…