Weekend of 9/20

Let’s start off with a quickie before dinner. Because we know each other well:

Temple (-7) at home against Tulsa. Because I’m taken by the idea that a school we don’t ever associate with winning might actually have a decent season. And they need everything they can get to shed the Cosby association. A three generation run of championship football, starting right now, would be a big help… Owls 31-23. (Temple won 31-17. Pretty nifty play right there!)


Playing football

OK, for the record, I was 6-1 last week. Last night I loved Wake Forest getting the 5&1/2 at home and the under and got spanked on both. Over the course of my attention span, we’re looking at a 46-58% picking rate for me. So this is what I’m thinking for tomorrow, Saturday, September 15th:

ARMY (-7 even) and the over 73 at home against the Last Zip Code. This is reckless, but I’m looking for games I can root for. Right off the bat. Hawaii doesn’t travel well and it will be fun to watch this game. Sloppy, high-scoring game. (USMC 53-43. ARMY won 28-21. Loss and a push. Even at 1-1, I missed this play entirely.)

PENN STATE (-35) and the over 64.5 in Beaver Valley against Kent State. Simple math, which is all I’m capable of, suggests that if the Late-Paternos settle in and cover then The Deadly-Shootings will score garbage points. (NittLions gave me both picks 73-22.)

APP.ST. (-16) and the over 65 at home against Southern Miss. I dig the ‘Neers. They roll it up, smoke it, and guard it. 45-22. (This game was not played.)

SYRACUSE (getting 2&1/2 at home) and the over 69&1/2 in the dome against Fla.St. If I had a five star special brand, this would be it. My Friend Phil owns that brand. So I’m just going out here: SU is healthy; once-in-a-class-quarterback, and FLA.ST is a bit under the weather. This is an easy play. The ‘Cuse’s season will likely crumble into familiar late-season angst. But this is one of those early-season wins that we get every year. It feels great but it portends nothing but disappointment. Just lay the $100 on each of the over and the points, and explain away watering down your kids milk later if the Orange muck it up… SU 38-37. (SYRACUSE won 30-7. It did end up being an easy play, even if I overrated FLA.ST.)

4-2 for the day. 10-5 for the season. The granite saw is that when you’re down, you lay off, and when you’re rolling, you go hard. So this is my Sunday:

MINNESOTA (getting a point and a half and the under 47) @ Green Bay. Look, I’m always going to play the Vikes. I’ll start picking against them when circumstances become dire. I’ll take those point in an offensively challenged game. Vikes 23-12. (This game tied at 29. 1-1)

DIEGO! (laying 7&1/2 and the under 43&1/2) @ Buffalo. I’m just going with the team without its head up its ass here and also because I love saying Diego! in homage to Fat Kevin The Bookie. Chargers 24-16. (Diego! covered 31-20. 1-1)

NEW YORK JETS (PICK and the under 43&1/2) vs. Miami. What the hell. In the end I have no idea what I’m doing. Jets looked impressive last week, but they’re off a short week. I think ‘Fins spent after their absurdly-long game. Letdown city. New Jersey 16-9. Miami won 20-12. 1-1)

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (-3 and the over 47&1/2) vs. Detroit. Home bounce-back win for the alternate-lifestyle tolerant. Lions historically don’t go west young men very well. Actually would call this my pick of the day. 9’ers 34-17. (Niners won 30-27 1 and a push.)

PATRIOTS (giving 1&1/2 and the over 45&1/2) @ Jay’Ville. Again, I’m always going to play New England and I’m going to ride them until they prove me less than ignorant. Pats, 28-25. (Jags won outright 31-20. 1-1)

So I end up 5-4-1. 15-9-1 on the season…




Opening Sunday

I’m interested in these three games. The lines have been pretty consistent. I’m using here what I found in the NY Post, my favorite degenerate football gambling publication, on Friday:

Minny (-6&1/2) and the UNDER 46 vs. SanFran. I’m less into the dueling QB’s storyline than I am about the idea that the Vikes D will run the show and all that Niner momentum was last season. Minny 23-14. Minny won 24-16

J’Ville (-3) and the UNDER 43 @ New Jersey. A bit of a contradiction of the other play. Jags a darling. Love going against the G-Men here. North Florida 19-6. Jags won 20-15.

Pats (-6&1/2) and the OVER 51 vs. Houston. Sorry. Any controversy or doubt about NE is thoroughly dismissible until proven otherwise. Safe money. Pats 35-24. Pats won 27-20.







SU’s god-awful sloppy Friday Night-Lights win over Western Michigan reinforces to me is that recruiting deficiencies don’t realize themselves in Late Summer. The big schools are going to land their front-line, reasonably-impressive players. And of course, Alabama will land a legitimate NFL rookie before Syracuse. But in the hot months, the talent is fresh and might land a given Top-75-or-so school a deceptive upset or two and a nifty 6-2 record. But injuries are more likely to happen to the smaller, slower players left to the bottom-tier recruiting institutions. That’s why, despite signs of progress and the attendant optimism, the Orange don’t win at all past Halloween.

Opening Day

I’m wearing black silk underpants for this.

Duquesne (+20&1/2 and the under 58&1/2) @ UMass. The only reason the line has held steady is because the local roads have been cleared of returnable bottles and cans. UMass 25-23. (ACTUAL SCORE: UMass 63-15)

UWYO (-line all over the place, now 3&1/2, and the over 46&1/2) at home against NMST. The perfect game for people who can’t spell! Shame on the Bisons’ ENG DPT! UWYO FM 103.7 features the nephew of Syracuse University’s legendary wide receiver Qadry Ismail. Why-Oming 44-27. (ACTUAL SCORE: UWYO 29-7)

FOLLOW-UP NOTE: That would be 1-3! The season is off to an unsurprising start!


Food and Eating

I’ve spoken about my enthusiasm for animals that are raised with all intention for how they’re going to taste. The famous Spanish pigs, for example.
I have, on occasion, been focused (and lucky) enough to dream up a fish recipe and then gone out to catch what I need for it. Kind of like what Yann does in his mushroom forays.
So the other day, I thought about using one of my DMP’s to kill a deer of a specific size to fit a slow roaster. Like you would do a pig roast. And then it occurred to be that it would be a disaster. Slow-roasted venison, because it has no fat, would be a catastrophe, right?
And here’s why you should consider my emotional damage: A long tima ago I was offered the opportunity to sample beaver. But the guy who was preparing it was a hack. He slow-roasted/overcooked it to the point that I had a minimal sense of how nice it could have been, but ultimately had to spit it out…